Roy Wakumelo Jr.

Software Engineer


Highly Organized And Efficient Full Stack Web Developer That Thrives In Fast-paced Multitasking Environments; Prioritizes Effectively To Accomplish Objectives With Creativity, Enthusiasm And Humor.

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Bolinc Online Services

Bolinc Online Services is a family based web design company named after our children Bonnie and Lincoln. This project involved branding, search engine optimization, mobile responsive, marketing and meeting accessibility guidelines. 


Bucket list is the app that allows you to draw out your dreams and aspirations for travel or accomplishment. When you check off an item on your list, you have the opportunity to add photos, journal entries and share the experience with friends and family. 

Reducer Todo App!

This is a Daily To-Do list app that was built using React. This app was focused on the use of reducers during production, thus the name Reducer To-Do App. The application’s basic functionality is to provide a quick and easy way to keep track of the user’s daily tasks.

Hogwarts Points Tracker

Hogwarts Points Tracker is a web application built using React on the client side. The app has a Node backend with a Postgres database, and is optimized to be responsive across various devices.

Cycle Columbia County

Cycle Columbia County’s website was redesigned using WordPress with specific parameters provided by the client. After the client presented a clearly defined goal & design for the new refreshed look, their vision was built into this new website.

Berger Blanc Suisse US

This website redesign included revamping the overall branding and tightening up the content for a unified, more professional look as requested by the site owner. The creative aspects were carried out based on her expressed vision of a new look. 

Government Of The Cook Islands

This migration project involved building a refreshed new site based on an existing site from another platform. The customized website build included multiple databases with custom coding and utilized many of the platform’s features.

Our Blog Life

Our Blog Life is a family lifestyle blog. This involved designing the website’s layout to give it a modern feel and create clear sections for the blog’s expansion into lifestyle content. This project also involved mobile site and search engine optimization.

Southern Modern Homes

This real estate website design project involved IDX integration, ensuring the site is compliant with specific real estate laws and implementing the utmost professional representation of the outstanding service the client provides in the real estate industry.


About me

I’m a Tulsa based full stack web developer that loves connecting people with things they enjoy and helping brands display themselves best to their audiences. I’m obsessed with bringing to life the best representation of a business online!



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