Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, & Real Estate Investor

Well, shucks! Let me tell ya, partner, I’m a software wrangler during the day, an enterprising cowboy come nightfall, and a ranch tycoon on them weekends. When I ain’t rustlin’ up code like a wild stallion or sealin’ a deal tighter than a lasso, you’ll find me scourin’ them vast plains of the internet, huntin’ down the best darn real estate tricks and treats. My life’s like a rodeo, my friend, with me fixin’ bugs, hustlin’ for the next big score, and calculatin’ the ol’ ROI on our latest land conquest. It’s a wild ride, no doubt, but I reckon I wouldn’t trade it for all the cowboy hats in Texas! I mean, what else would I do with all this spare time? Probably just twiddle my thumbs and sing campfire songs. And trust me, you don’t wanna hear that!

About Me

Yeehaw! Listen up, folks! This cowboy wanna be has got a knack for fancy technology gizmos and software that solves more problems than a herd of spooked cattle. I’ve wrangled my skills, danced with exciting projects, and even started my own profitable businesses. And hold onto your stirrups, ’cause I’m also a sharpshootin’ real estate investor with a keen eye for makin’ money grow faster than tumbleweed in a windstorm. This cowboy’s got the brains, the hustle, and the cowboy charm to rope in success wherever I go. Giddy up and let’s ride!

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Digital Marketing

BoLinc Online is like the fastest, wildest horse in this here web! We’re a hootin’ and hollerin’ bunch of hilarious cowboys and cowgirls, yeehaw! We’ve rounded up some serious talent from every corner of this great big world. Now, listen up, pardner, ’cause we believe a darn good project ain’t just about slappin’ on a fancy coat of paint, oh no! It’s about wranglin’ them true values of your business, holdin’ ’em tight, and showin’ ’em off with a seamless, daisy-chain beauty that’ll make your jaw hit the floor and your heart skip a beat faster than a tumbleweed in a whirlwind. So saddle up, buckle in, and ride along with us, partner! We’re the bees knees, I tell ya!

Real Estate

BoLinc Real Estate ain’t no ordinary bunch of city slickers. Nope, we’re like a tornado of change, sweepin’ through this here world, one dadgum relationship at a time. Our mission? Well, it’s as simple as hog-tyin’ a calf on a bright ‘n sunny day. We’re fixin’ to give our community all we got, whether it’s offerin’ safe ‘n affordable rentals or lendin’ a helpin’ hand to them poor ol’ distressed sellers with homes in need of fixin’. Shoot, we just love servin’ others, like a trusty steed loves gettin’ a good pat on the back. So, saddle up, folks, ’cause BoLinc’s fixin’ to ride straight into your heart, faster than a cheetah with a rocket strapped to its tail. Yup, we’re better than a cat’s meow, I tell ya!


Well, buckle up, folks, ’cause BoLinc Logistics is the craziest dang ride in town for all y’all shipping needs! We’ve got more wheels than a wild herd of buckin’ broncos, from big ol’ trucks to trusty trailers, and everything in between! Our cowboys behind the wheel will wrangle your precious cargo and make sure it arrives safe ‘n’ sound at its destination. We ain’t your run-of-the-mill logistics company, partner! We’re your trusty sidekick in this here wild, wild world of freight. So hitch your wagon to us and let’s ride off into the sunset together! Our services are so good, they’ll have you sweatin’ like a sinner in church on a chilly Sunday mornin’. Yeehaw!

Work Experience

Well, shucks! Lemme tell ya, I’ve wrangled me a whole mess o’ experience in them fancy-schmancy UI/UX solutions. I reckon I’ve built ’em up all fancy-like, so they’re scalable as a wild stallion. Now, I ain’t your run-of-the-mill cowpoke, no siree! I got me some smarts in React, JavaScript, and all them front-end technologies that make folks’ eyes pop. My brain’s a mix of tech and business, blendin’ together like a fine whiskey and helpin’ me rustle up success in all sorts of adventures. I’ve wrangled my own businesses, done some serious cowboyin’ in the software engineering world, and even dipped my boots into real estate investin’! Heck, one time I even rode alongside them trailblazin’ AI folks, makin’ sure them virtual assistants and search engines had the best doggone trainin’ data in the land. Improved accuracy and relevance? Shoot, partner, that’s my bread and butter! I reckon I’m the funniest cowboy this side of the digital frontier!

Y’see, pardner, I put my mighty brainpower to work in the construction biz, crunchin’ numbers and solvin’ problems like a wild stallion. I’d estimate costs, whip up project timelines, and throw down some mighty competitive proposals. And that ain’t all! I’d rustle up them inventory levels, makin’ sure everything’s just right, and I’d dance around them procurement processes like a nimble rodeo clown. I’d haggle with them suppliers, crunchin’ all them fancy price data to find the cream of the crop. Now, don’t you worry none—I ain’t just a one-trick pony. I’ve wrangled my expertise across all sorts of industries, and I’m as dedicated as a cowboy to deliverin’ results that’ll knock your boots off. I reckon I’m always on the lookout for new challenges, ’cause I ain’t afraid to lasso ’em and show ’em who’s boss. So, partner, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be givin’ it my all and reachin’ for the stars in every dang thing I do.

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Featured Web Design
& Digital Marketing Projects

Well, doggone it! After ridin’ the tech range for ’bout ten long years, I reckon I’ve transformed into one heck of a web wrangler. I’ve roped me some mighty fine skills in web design and development. You see, I can saunter through them fancy programs like React and WordPress, and create websites that’ll tickle your funny bone, makin’ ’em as friendly as a good ol’ campfire chat.

But hold onto your saddle, partner! That ain’t the end of the trail for me. I’ve also ventured into the world of software engineering, craftin’ custom layouts and tinkerin’ with websites like a skilled blacksmith hammerin’ out a shiny horseshoe. And let me tell ya, partner, I know a thing or two ’bout usability and user experience. I’ll make sure that website of yours is as easy to navigate as a clear trail and satisfies them fine folks you’re aimin’ to impress. So hitch up your wagon and let me be your trusty web cowboy, ready to gallop into the wild west of the internet! Yeehaw!

Now y’all better listen real good ’cause this here cowboy wannabe’s got somethin’ mighty funny to say. You see, I reckon I got myself a hootin’ and hollerin’ good understanding of that SEO mumbo jumbo. I know how to wrangle them ornery search engines and optimize a fancy website like nobody’s business! And that ain’t all, no siree! I’m as quick as a rodeo cowboy when it comes to cookin’ up them social media campaigns. I’ve wrangled ’em all, from those Google AdThingies to them Facebook Ads, and I know how to make ’em dance just for ya.

But hold yer horses, ’cause I ain’t done jest yet! I’m a crack shot with them fancy analytics tools, pardner. I can track the success of all them marketin’ shenanigans and use that fancy data to make smart decisions. I’ll tell ya, I’m like a sharpshootin’ cowboy, always hittin’ the bullseye! So, when it comes to wranglin’ up some web design and digital marketin’, you can bet your boots on me to rustle up some serious business. I’ll lasso that traffic and drive it right to your doorstep.

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Core Values

Alright, alright, hold yer horses an’ park yer chuckles fer a moment. I ain’t just blowin’ smoke from this here cowboy hat, ’cause the tidbit I’m ’bout to spit out means a whole heap of beans to me, ya hear?


I believe in being honest and upholding strong moral principles in all aspects of my life. I strive to be reliable, trustworthy, and committed to doing the right thing, even when it is difficult or inconvenient.


I try to understand and share the feelings of others, and I try to treat others with compassion and kindness. Being empathetic allows me to connect with others on a deep level and offer support and comfort in times of need.


I believe in treating others with dignity and esteem and recognizing the value and worth of others. I try to appreciate the diversity and differences of others and to communicate and interact with others positively and constructively.


I embrace love as a core value, recognizing its power to transform lives and build meaningful connections. I strive to cultivate love in my relationships, showing affection, care, and support to those around me. Love fuels my actions and reminds me of the importance of compassion and understanding.


I value personal growth and continuous improvement. I embrace challenges and see them as opportunities for learning and development. I believe in expanding my knowledge, skills, and experiences, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to unlock my full potential.


I prioritize balance in all aspects of my life. I strive to find harmony between work and personal life, ensuring I allocate time for self-care, relaxation, and pursuing my passions. By maintaining balance, I enhance my overall well-being and create a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Lifestyle & Family

Well, shucks! Let me tell ya, I’m as happy as a tick on a lazy cow about my mighty fine young’uns! I hit the jackpot, partner, ’cause my offspring are pure gold! They’re like little joy bombs, always crackin’ me up. I reckon they got a secret power for spreadin’ happiness wherever they go, like little happiness sheriffs. And let me tell ya, they’re sharper than a cactus needle! I’m plumb amazed at how kind, compassionate, and dang smart they are. It’s like havin’ a posse of pint-sized geniuses right under my roof. And boy, oh boy, their love and support? It’s like havin’ my own personal cheerin’ squad 24/7.

They’re always there to lift me up when I’m feelin’ low or to throw a shindig for the little victories in life, like finally figurin’ out how to wrestle a fitted sheet into submission (seriously, who came up with those confounded things?). Together, we’ve roped in some legendary memories that I’ll hold dear for eternity. From wild, impromptu hoedowns in the livin’ room to our not-so-famous attempts at bakin’ fancy cakes (let’s just say the smoke alarms have become our kitchen DJ), every minute with ’em is like ridin’ a buckin’ bronco. They truly complete my life in ways I never reckoned possible. I feel like the luckiest hombre on this here planet to have these mini superheroes in my world. Yeehaw!



Well now, listen up, buckaroos! BoLinc Logistics is the cat’s pajamas when it comes to meetin’ all your fancy needs and fancy pants requirements! Whether ya need somethin’ brought in or hauled out, packages picked up or dropped off, things checked out or just want a little wisdom from yours truly, we’re the rootin’-tootin’ crew for the job! Now, let me tell ya, logistics ain’t no walk in the daisy-filled meadow, but we’re a bunch of slicker-than-a-greased-pig cowpokes, ready to lasso them challenges with more professionalism than a fancy city slicker in a three-piece suit. We aim to give ya service that’s hotter than a skillet full of chili peppers and leaves ya grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ sweet taters. So saddle up and let BoLinc Logistics take ya on a rip-roarin’ journey to success, partner!

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Real Estate

Well, partner, listen up ’cause Bolinc Real Estate ain’t your regular ol’ run-of-the-mill company. We reckon ourselves as the masters of fancy, spick and span properties that’ll make your jaw drop and your heart sing ‘yee-haw’! We don’t just sell ’em, we also buy ’em, and let me tell ya, we make movin’ as smooth as a lasso twirl. When it comes to your humble abode, we ain’t messin’ ’round. We’ll slap some cold, hard cash right in your hand, so you can wrangle the highest price out there, no fancy paperwork or fussin’ about. Now ain’t that somethin’ to tip your hat to?”

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